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Optimising Biodiversity in the Uplands


Mountain Environment Services is a small, specialist ecological consultancy based in Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands.

My focus is on upland habitats, rare flora, designated sites and herbivore impacts. Dedicated and high quality survey and monitoring is one of the primary services I offer, tailored to suit the terrain, habitats, special interests and mechanism of impact.

I have designed surveys for the steepest terrain in the UK on the north face of Ben Nevis as well as using standard methodologies to deliver cost-effective data to inform management decisions.

I carry out habitat impact assessments, site condition monitoring and herbivore assessments in a range of open ground and woodland habitats. I work with owners, tenants, agencies and NGOs to develop sustainable management intended to generate high quality ecosystems underpinning economically and socially viable communities.

Good survey information can be used to support discussion aimed at finding an optimum management solution that meets the needs of all. Negotiating the optimum position is another service I can offer.

I have a range of other specialist consultants that I work with to deliver more comprehensive packages when required. Please contact me for more details.